Cheese coating

Picture Cheese coating The way to communicate the premium quality of authentic natural ripened cheese is by matching the appearance with the cheese taste. For both premium branded cheese as for regional specialty cheese coating enhances the image and brand value of cheese. The added value of CSK as market leader in cheese coatings is based on customer specific coating concepts which are tailored to customer preferences.

Added value of cheese coating

The added value of CSK as a market leader in cheese coatings is based on client-specific support and development of specific coating concepts. In this way added value in terms if strengthening brand identity and image, optimisation of flavour and texture, conditioning with minimal fungicides and efficiency improvements during the ripening process can be obtained. CSK has an advanced research laboratory and an international knowledge network, which supports the application and development of cheese coating for various cheese types.

New coating innovations

Cheese coating plays a crucial role in creating new types of cheese. Consequently, CSK has decided to continue developing and expanding its Ceska®-coat product line. CSK wants to offer cheese manufacturers readymade cheese coating solutions that can raise the value of cheese. With attention to specific technical aspects and legal requirements, CSK works with customers to develop concepts for e.g. spray applications, improved shelf life of paraffin coated cheese, dip applications, easy to slice and water-resistant properties.

Cheese wax

CSK supplies also cheese wax, which provides a high degree of protection and supports in preventing damage to the cheese, thereby avoiding subsequent economic losses. Cheese wax is a combination of paraffin, vaseline and micro wax mixed together in order to adjust the flexibility and hardness of the wax. In this way the characteristics of the different cheese types are met. For optimal protection during transport and storage the combination of cheese coating with cheese wax is advised.

Conditioning of cheese

For semi-hard and hard cheese the use of coatings is the most suitable form to improve the conditioning, flavour and appearance of cheese during ripening and storage. More on Conditioning of cheese >

Premium cheese

The current consumer trends in the cheese segment are clearly focussed on high quality cheese, which have a premium flavour and product appearance. More on Premium cheese >