In order to create and control flavour, you have to understand the fermentation process. This is something we do. By thus influencing the flavour spectrum, we can come up with new dairy concepts or revitalize old flavours and traditions.

Think, for example, of unravelling the secrets of a regional Italian cheese, so that its unique taste experience is preserved to make the world a richer place. Or of combining a special French flavour with proven Dutch food technology to cut the price and boost the market.

  •       We dedicate a significant part (7-8%) of our turnover to R&D and a large part of our budget externally to tap into new trends and technology;
  •       At our location in Wageningen we have state-of-the-art laboratories, a small-scale test site for fermented dairy, and a pilot factory modelled on our factory in Leeuwarden
  •       Main areas of expertise: fermentation technology, biotechnology, microbiology, dairy technology