Royal CSK’s appetite for growth

Taste and character – indulgence and authenticity – are the two features consumers are most likely to notice about a cheese product. But presenting the next innovative dairy product calls for more than flavour. It is about co-creating new ideas with strategic partners. It is about activating all the knowledge and ideas from the supply chain and speeding up the time to market. Enter CSK.

Royal CSK is dedicated to helping food producers respond to trends with distinction and success. The Dutch company’s vision is captured in its tagline, ‘Taste can build a bridge’. It highlights the company’s resolve to make a difference on the global dairy market as a competent team of taste makers and bridge builders who work closely with customers to co-create dairy products that will indulge consumers.

Flavour differentiation remains a key driver

Royal CSK was founded over a century ago with the aim of guaranteeing high-quality rennet supplies for the Dutch dairy industry. Over the years, customers’ demands led Royal CSK to expand its portfolio to include cultures with very specific properties as well as other relevant dairy ingredients. Marketing Manager Christian Hemmer explains that in today’s dairy industry, flavour and taste differentiation remain key drivers. “Royal CSK’s experience in this area is unmatched. We regularly present new products as part of our Flavour Wheel concept.” 

Dairy Safe cultures and Milase® Premium coagulants 

Among these innovative products are CSK’s bio-protective cultures, marketed under the brand name Dairy Safe. This trade mark guarantees protection against late blowing defects – without the need for using preservative additives, ingredients that are losing ground to the natural and artisanal cheese trend. CSK’s Dairy Safe concept fits in perfectly with this demand, explains Hemmer.The Dairy Safe product range not only protects against unwanted gram-positive bacteria and spore outgrowth, it also contributes to award-winning cheeses year after year.

World’s first non-GM-derived microbial coagulants 

Royal CSK’s interest and expertise in coagulants also remains a vital part of its vision, says Hemmer. The company was the first to introduce a new class of non-GM-derived microbial coagulants. In contrast to products currently on the market, Milase®Premium gives the same flavour and texture performance as chymosin does in cheeses ripened over a longer time period. Royal CSK has worked side by side with customers to demonstrate that its product introduces a new era in coagulants attuned to modern demands. Even when it comes to preferences like kosher, halal, vegetarian, organic or VLOG, Milase®Premium is the answer. 

Appetite for growth

Royal CSK’s significant investments over the last few years confirm its appetite for growth. After opening a new cultures factory in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, the firm also founded a new Dairy Lab on the University of Wageningen’s food campus in the heart of the Netherlands’ Food Valley. CSK’s market-driven innovation cycle is picking up speed, with many promising new products in the pipeline and ready to enter the global market in the years ahead. The newest investment will be a warehouse for frozen starter cultures, a project that underlines Royal CSK’s strategy and ambitions.

High-quality dairy demands high-quality solutions

Hemmer emphasizes that high-quality products call for high-quality solutions. “In dairy performance, the quality of cheeses and whey is instantly recognizable. Our yield proves that we meet the highest quality standards. The flavour and texture of fresh, matured and soft cheeses are of the highest level.” For Royal CSK, these are excellent examples of how taste can build many bridges – between demand and desire, between the past and the future, and, ultimately, of course, between people eager to enjoy great flavours together.