PRESS RELEASE | CSK invests in innovation with a new location on the Wageningen Campus

WAGENINGEN - The Royal CSK food enrichment, 'taste maker' of virtually all known dairy products in the Netherlands is firmly committing to innovation with its new location.

Sanne Melles, director of CSK: “The Campus of the Wageningen University and Research is the perfect location for us. The number one position in the field of innovation in Agritech & Food makes this location the best possible choice for a company prioritizing innovation. That’s why we have established our marketing, sales and R & D activities in the Plus Ultra building in the heart of the Wageningen Campus.

On November 30, 2017, we held our official opening ceremony with a few inspirational sessions on the theme of ‘taste’, the domain we will increasingly focus on in the coming years. The essence of millions of kilos of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products is determined by our bacterial cultures. CSK therefore makes and influences cultures with cultures.

But we go beyond the real Dutch cheese. With a modern production facility in Leeuwarden, we have almost 200 colleagues in the Netherlands, Poland and other countries in Europe, with passion for dairy, a turnover of 60 million euros in 40 countries on 4 continents, in cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products. In addition to bacterial cultures, we supply rennet, cheese coating and other ingredients.

We have a firm belief in enjoying great taste together in dairy and we are proud of our leading role in this. After all, taste will build bridges between products and markets. Taste will build a bridge between consumers and strong dairy brands. And for us the Wageningen Campus is the place where it will happen. “

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