High-tech dairy ingredients company CSK opens new facility for starter cultures

Press release, 5 September 2016<br><br />
CSK food enrichment is a high-tech ingredients company manufacturing starter cultures for the food industry using state-of-the-art processes and technologies. Starter cultures are bacteria giving natural taste to products such as cheese and yogurt. <br />

CSK is growing fast, and increased its capacity with the construction of a modern facility in Leeuwarden. It is currently transferring the production of its Ede plant to the new facility. This is a gradual process completed with due care to ensure that the starter cultures from the new facility result in the same high-quality dairy products CSK customers are accustomed to. After extensive testing and validation, CSK is now supplying a substantial part of its products from this state-of-the-art plant. Eventually, all products will be transferred. The company invested 30 million euros in the new plant. The new facility’s official opening will take place this week.

Identical products

The transfer to Leeuwarden is part of CSK’s ongoing investment and innovation programme. Moving the entire production from the Ede plant to the Leeuwarden plant is a complex process. Sanne Melles, Managing Director of CSK notes the validation of bacterial mixtures production to require a lot of time. “We are working with   complex blends of live organisms. In addition to the technical challenge of scaling up and modernising processes, the product, the bacterial blend, from the new facility must eventually perform to the same effect in the cheese as the product from the original location. Testing and validating of over 100 products takes a lot of time. Maturing cheese takes up to one year after which we confirm taste and texture. This careful process fits us. CSK takes care of good taste, and we commit to the quality and performance of our products.”

Special in the Netherlands

The Leeuwarden plant is based on modern fermentation technology and its hygiene standard is of the very highest level. CSK takes a unique place in the food industry in the Netherlands.

World player in dairy

CSK food enrichment takes care of good taste in cheese and other fermented diary products. It does so by developing and selling innovative ingredients such as starter cultures, cheese coatings and rennets.

Established in 1905, CSK stems from a rich Dutch dairy tradition. CSK is active in Europe and North America, realizing annual sales of 60 million euros with 180 employees.