Flavor remains the top criteria in consumer purchase decisions.

Within the cheese domain, we see a preference for regional & authentic products and bold, savory flavors with umami notes.

Flexibility in flavor, signature cheese

Differentiating in flavor allows cheese producers to tap into consumers’ need for flavorful cheese. Flexibility and variety in flavor boosting cultures can help the development of new signature cheeses and faster route to market.

CSK’S solution: flexible flavor differentiation for your cheese with Flavor WheelTM cultures

CSK’s Flavor Wheel™ cultures offer a wide range of taste differentiation possibilities in cheese. The portfolio contains adjunct cultures that can develop flavor in various directions. Sweet, buttery, savory, roasted and mature flavor notes or a combination of these are just a selection of the possibilities. Our Flavor Wheel™ cultures build upon the flavorful acidification already created by CSK Starter cultures. The adjunct cultures can be added directly to the cheese vat and are suitable for use in combination with any (bulk) starter culture.

Flavor WheelTM cultures can be used in various cheese types, ranging from semi-hard to hard cheeses like Cheddar, Tomme and Monterey Jack

Flavor Wheel™ cultures benefits

  • Flexibility in generating a variety of flavors for optimal differentiation possibilities
  • Excellent taste and texture, creating award winning cheeses
  • Suitable for a wide variety of cheeses, both coating ripened and film ripened
  • Create more flavor, in a shorter timeframe
  • Natural flavor, suitable for all types of milk (cow, goat and sheep)

Learn more: CSK experts are always available to provide you with further advice on the use of Flavor Wheel™ cultures

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