The specialty cheese market in the U.S. is rapidly growing. With an expanding availability of specialty cheeses, consumers are increasingly selective with their cheese purchases, putting a high value on excellent flavor and texture quality. Flavor is a key driver to tap into consumers’ demand for specialty cheese that satisfies an indulgent craving. CSK is answering this demand with Dairy Safe™ cultures.

Great flavor, consistent high quality

As flavor is the top driver of choice among consumers, cheese producers need an optimal production process that ensures consistent high product quality with superior, differentiating flavor. Flavor development is time-intensive even under optimal conditions, and many cheesemakers ripen their cheese at low temperatures to decrease the incidence of defects. Indeed, striking the right balance between flavor development, product quality, and process efficiency is a challenge. CSK fills this need with a strong solution that provides excellent flavor development under flexible ripening conditions, while reducing the risk of defects.

Dairy safe™ cultures

Even in young cheese, Dairy Safe™ cultures provide excellent flavor development, while also offering protection against defects like late-blowing. The robust protection provided by CSK’s Dairy Safe™ cultures enables cheesemakers to mature their cheese at higher temperatures, thereby shortening aging times and reducing the operational costs of producing flavorful cheese.
Dairy Safe™ cultures are composed of a unique combination of nisin-producing and nisin-resistant Lactococcus lactis strains in frozen pellets that can be added directly to the cheese vat. This protective technology inhibits the outgrowth of gram–positive bacteria, like Clostridium tyrobutyricum, that are a major cause of costly late blowing defects, especially at higher maturation temperatures. Using Dairy Safe™ cultures, cheesemakers have the flexibility to tailor their cheese maturation conditions to their aging specifications, without worrying about potential losses from late blowing.

Dairy safe™ cultures

• Benefits of Dairy Safe™ cultures
• Balanced and rich flavor in young cheese
• Consistent and delicious flavor development in aged cheese
• Natural protection against late blowing
• Flexible maturation temperatures
• Consistent performance and superior cheese quality
• Suitable for cow, goat, and sheep milk


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