Royal CSK has a track record of over a hundred years in the dairy industry. With many Dutch dairy brands relying on CSK ingredients for their taste, texture and appearance, CSK is an important bearer of culture. Building on this reputation, CSK over the years has evolved into a valued international business-to-business player.

Thanks to its unique cultures and intensive client partnerships, CSK today is providing a growing number of dairy products around the world with improved recognition, consistency and flavour. An insider in the wondrous world of taste, CSK believes that identifying the finest nuances in taste – and converting that knowledge into consistent production – offers an effective means of building strategic bridges between producers and consumers, brands and markets. In dairy, after all, no value adder or sales argument could be more vital than flawless flavouring. 

Through constant innovation within its portfolio of cultures, coagulants and coatings, and by investing the best of its knowledge and support during production, CSK connects with big dairy names seeking to offer the same taste and texture worldwide as well as with the extraordinary flavours of niche dairy brands. Today, its heart-warming message of unity in diversity, ‘Taste can build a bridge’, inspires CSK to keep expanding internationally, with a firm belief in the rich potential of good taste – because taste connects dairy products with consumers and, above all, brings the best of cultures together.