With a steadily growing international presence, CSK has a hand in countless moments of consumer indulgence. That’s our goal at CSK: to bring enjoyment and satisfaction to your consumers through our cultures. Delivering the exact functionalities you’re looking for.

From our large and increasingly biodiverse collection, we are constantly selecting and developing mesophilic and thermophilic cultures and blends for all cheese types and other fermented dairy products. Our cultures are suitable both for bulk starter application and for Direct Vat Innoculation (DVI) and can consist of a single strain or multiple strains. Our challenge: to keep searching and finding strains and combinations of strains that can deliver the exact functionalities you need for your application.

FlavourWheel™: taste differentiation in cheese

If you want to add a special signature to your product or to create a distinguishing flavour profile for your cheeses, you can rely on our range of Ceska®Star adjunct cultures. With CSK’s FlavourWheel™ concept, the possibilities are endlessly precise and precisely endless.

Dairy Safe™: ensured bio-protection

Want to avoid late blowing defects in ripened cheese without the use of preservative additives? Our Dairy Safe™ concept represents a label-friendly range of DVI cultures designed for exactly that purpose.

Swiss-type cheese

For Swiss-type cheeses, our Ceska®Star cultures offer diverse taste profiles ranging from sweet to sharp, as well as DVI mixtures with specific functionalities, such as ripening and eye formation.  

Looking to produce the finest type of traditional Gouda-type cheese? Our Ceska®Star bulk starter cultures have been at the start of millions of kilos of prize-winning cheeses over the last decades. They include a wide range of gas- and non-gas-forming aromatic starter cultures for that very purpose. 

Ceska®Star bulk starters are available in deep-frozen cups and as concentrated frozen pellets packed in gable tops. You can add them directly to your cheese milk. 

CSK is continuously investing in the development and improvement of new generations of Dairy SafeTM cultures.

Ceska®Star-yogurt cultures

As CSK we are expanding our portfolio of Ceska®-star yogurt cultures with the addition of an extensive range of new cultures. These cultures are designed for stirred, strained, set and drinking yogurt applications. These new cultures give the possibility to develop signature yogurts with a characteristic taste.

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CSK has a long heritage in cheese making. Over the past century, we have unravelled the secrets behind the production of many different types of cheese. Building on that knowledge, we’ve developed a broad range of bulk starter solutions, DVI solutions and adjuncts to create exactly those irresistible tastes and textures cheese developers crave. And we’re pleased to say we are continuously opening up new possibilities for you to create novel cheese experiences and exciting new textures, flavours and functionalities in yoghurt and fresh-fermented milk products.

Whether you are looking to optimize your manufacturing process or developing new concepts for consumers, we can help you realize your ambition and potential, teaming up with you and your experts from the conceptualization phase to final product delivery. With the perfect combination of cultures, coagulants, coatings and other ingredients, you’ll find CSK’s performance offers a foundation you can build on.

Do you have a very specific cheese, yoghurt or fresh-fermented milk product in mind? It is now within reach. Our range of DVI (Direct Vat Inoculation) cultures includes mixtures of mesophilic strains, thermophilic strains, hybrid combinations of both mesophilic and thermophilic strains, and combinations with additional functionalities, such as eye formation or taste differentiation. All carefully selected and tested for outstanding and consisting functionality.

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Whatever dairy challenge you set us: Taste can build a bridge.

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