Coagulants, whether of animal origin – that is, rennet – or of microbial origin, play a key role in cheese production, with the enzymatic effects of milk coagulation contributing to the cheese’s specific taste development.

Your choice of coagulant depends on the desired curd and ripening time, the quality of your milk, the pH value and relevant claims of your product. Our history over a hundred years back virtually began with rennet – and we have been studying and working with it ever since. With CSK,  you can be sure of quality, high-performing coagulants.

Kalase® is our animal coagulants, or rennet, brand. It contains specific enzymes that contribute to a rich, complex taste development. With over 100 years of expertise in the manufacturing and marketing of rennet, CSK offers a broad range of products and packaging options to suit any and all of your needs.

  • Kalase® is available in different chymosin-pepsin ratios. The standard ratio is about 80% chymosin and 20% pepsin.

If you require a coagulant of non-animal, or microbial, origin, Milase® is the brand to embrace. Now available in both low and medium thermostability variants, Milase® is suitable for all types of cheese preparation and whey processing. In addition to our liquid versions, we have developed a granulate version for customers dependent on long transportation and storage times.

  • Milase® XQL is a highly cost-effective microbial coagulant suitable for developing optimal taste and texture in cheeses up to an age of four to six months of maturation.
  • Milase® Premium is the premium coagulant proposition for optimal taste profiles comparable to traditional flavours created with animal rennet, and for creating textures of long-ripened cheese that will remain free of bitter off-notes throughout the entire shelf-life of your product.

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