If you produce butter according to the NIZO butter process, our Ceska®Lact permeate is an ideal solution. A naturally fermented milk serum, Ceska®Lact is made from sweet cream turned into acidified butter by adding lactic acid permeate and cultures, or lactic acid distillate, after churning. The result is a more stable butter quality during the various seasons of the year.

In the NIZO butter process, acidification and aroma formation in the butter occur only after the sweet cream has been churned. Aroma can be formed by using lactic acid from permeate or distilled butter aromas (distillate). The process has several benefits, such as:

  • The sweet buttermilk created during this production process is easy to use as an ingredient in a wide variety of dairy applications;
  • The process yields a butter product that is entirely natural and dairy-based;
  • Increased process control, as the process consists of three separate steps;
  • Improved control over the fat-free dry matter in the butter;
  • Enhanced butter quality that is more stable all year round.


With many years of practical experience and knowledge development, our Research department is a leading centre of expertise in the field of permeate for butter production.

Ceska®Lact permeate at is a naturally fermented milk serum. It is made from an unsweetened whey medium that we have fermented using a special starter culture. After fermentation the medium is ultra-filtrated. On top of that, Ceska®Lact is concentrated and standardized according to a certain degree of acidity and contains 15% lactic acid.

CSK’s lactic acid permeate is Kosher-certified by London Beth Din (KLBD-D) and Halal-certified by HFFIA (HVV).




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