Using Ceska®Lact lactic acid distillate in your butter production – rather than using cultures – offers many advantages.

  • Benefit from improved process security, with more controlled flavour development during butter production;
  • Immediately achieve the right diacetyl ratio in your butter;
  • Compose aroma and flavour according to your specific preferences;
  • Enjoy natural flavour solutions without declaration;
  • Be sure that your butter is compliant with European regulations, which ban the use of non-dairy components, while allowing the application of Ceska®Lact lactic acid distillate;
  • Benefit from Kosher certification by London Beth Din (KLBD-D) and Halal certification by HFFIA (HVV).

We produce Ceska®Lact lactic acid distillate by fermenting and steam-distilling milk, using specially selected lactic acid bacteria to get the preferred flavour profile. The fermentation and distillation process produces a mixture of volatile fermentation products, known as butter aromas. These aromas are used in the production of yellow fats and for creating a mild dairy flavour or an authentic butter flavour in the dairy industry.

Nowadays, butter is typically produced in a continuous process using a butter churn. Aromas used in the production of butter are water-soluble. The high amount of butter fat in butter lends a pronounced basic flavour. This means a non-soluble butter aroma is essential. The most important aroma component is diacetyl. Ceska®Lact lactic acid distillate is standardized according to a diacetyl content of 1,000 ppm per litre. In the NIZO butter process, a mixture of five litres of Ceska®Lact lactic acid permeate and one litre of Ceska®Lact lactic acid distillate per 1,000 kg butter is needed to achieve a pH of 5.0 and diacetyl content of 1.0 ppm in the butter.

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