Bronze medal for Martin Haarman in Dutch cheese tasting contest. (NNKC)

Our Senior Technical Support Manager Martin Haarman finished third place at the Dutch Cheese Tasting Contest, which was held in Houten (The Netherlands).

For several years he has participated in this  annual cheese tasting contest. Over 500 graders, - consisting of cheese producers, cheese trading companies and retailers - tested their knowledge in cheese types and quality. The Dutch Cheese Tasting Contest has a long history with this years edition being the 59th. Martin Haarman won his bronze medal in the category Industrial with a total score of 232 points. As a Senior Technical Support Manager he travels the world supporting cheese producers to optimize their cheese quality and supporting the development of new products. After landing his third place, he stated: “I feel honored to share a stage with the best cheese connoisseurs of the country”. 

Martin feels that his experience of developing cheese with different flavors inspired by a broad spectrum of cultures has paid off. At Royal CSK we are proud of his achievement and as colleagues we believe his authority as a cheese expert has been confirmed. We believe this will stimulate his future commitment to supporting the (Dutch) Cheese industry. Of course Royal CSK also wants to congratulate the other prize winners, in particular Mr. Cees Frikee (CONO cheesemakers) who won first place. He went home with the special award, De Gouden Kaasboor (Ultimate gold award).