CSK might just be one of the best kept secrets behind the Netherlands’ world-famous cheeses. As a leading taste maker in the Dutch food industry, we have a hand in the flavour of almost all cheese and dairy products in the Netherlands.

Our leading position in Dutch dairy products enables us to apply our knowledge to dairy ingredients for cultures all over the world. The authentic bacterial cultures once passed down from father to son now serve as inspiration for innovative dairy concepts. CSK holds in its hands the very essence of millions of kilos and litres of dairy products. From the authentic Dutch Gouda to novel dairy concepts.

Throughout the centuries, the process of fermentation has been important in the development of food technologies. We tapped into this knowledge of the fermentation process right at the beginning of our company’s history – and we have never let it go. We are firm believers in enjoying and sharing great dairy tastes and proud of our role in that. Now and in the future.